The Garden of my Soul was born...I don't even know when. Never knew if I write a blog or create something under this name but the inspiration was there


Soul works was always a hobby for me, when I was 16 I was reading university study books on psychology bc I was so interested. Also, I was reading parenting books and I had the conclusion early on that when you are raising a kid, you are not educating a child but you are shaping an adult - yet not ready.

The Garden of my Soul is a metaphoric place where your identity, ideas, dreams, and emotions live together. You have desert, you have water - maybe a lake, a pond, a well, the ocean - you have hidden places, shady corners, abandoned wild bushes. This is your playground, your invisible realm. You have the power to take care of it or literally leaning on the fence and watching the neigbourg's garden - which is always greener.

When we are growing, our garden - our territory of action - is growing with us. When we are getting wiser, richer, having more experience our power of action is growing with our capacity to change life, shape it in a way we like it.

That is true 3 dimensional power, and I think this is the essential reason I chose this name. I want to help people to own and design their life and personality. My deep motivation is connection. Connect people with their higher/deeper themselves, connect with each other. Be the rock star of their own dreams, make them brave and wise enough to make their changes and create something truly beatiful in this world, create abudance, joy and love.